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Investment deal flows for the global investors.

Africa Investors Hub is a global venture catalyst firm assisting the next generation of exceptional entrepreneurs who are designing and executing innovative business models to profitably serve African, European, Asian and United States ’s aspiring mass market.

The major rationale behind our work is to connect the entrepreneurs and established companies with investors in order to bring ideas to life and multiply their impact.

We are grateful for our partnership with https://thebaobabnetwork.com
The Baobab Network, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority- www.zimbabwetourism.net and The billionaire Magazine-www.thebillionairemagazine.com

In Southern Africa we also work with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce-www.dubaichamber.com and Swiss business hub-http://www.eda.admin.ch/pretoria

Africa Investors hub is an investment vehicle aims to enhance internal and regional trade within Africa expand trade and other economic ties among Africa and other global markets.

We work with:

*Enterprise and Business Finance

*Trade and Investment

*Economic and Infrastructure development

*Government and Diplomatic /Embassies organisations



In addition to our ambitions within the investment world, Africa Investors Hub also works in conjunction with it’s philanthropic wing,the Dande Aid. In having an aspiration to provide for those who may be in need of aid & assistance, we strive to ensure that the long term motive behind our investment objectives is to advance charitable efforts across Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa.In order to make certain that our philanthropic ambitions are kept at the forefront of company expansion, 20% of the net profit generated from Africa Investors Hub will be channeled to orphans and widows

We invite you to join us in our own personal utilisation of wealth so that you too ay make a difference in this world within your lifetime and beyond. We also pay hommage to the incredible organisations who are
making great strides towards this cause.

Connecting entrepreneurs to investors around the world.





Our Services

Our breadth and depth of relationships with foreign and local investors, especially impact investors, is unrivaled for companies looking to raise US$1 million to US$10 million and startups from US$5000 to US$ 500 000.Let us bring these relationships to your advantage. We work closely with both startups, established companies& investors, to ensure that the fund-raising is done seamlessly and is a win-win for both parties upon charging a minimalistic success fee. Our team acts as a catalyst toward creating successful and lasting connections between entrepreneurs and angel investors.

African Diaspora Trade and Investment

ADTI gives Africans Zimbabweans and all the Africans) in the Diaspora an opportunity to patriate their wealth back home by investing in lucrative deal flows in our data base. The purpose for ADTI is to mobilize diaspora funds for structured profitable investment in socially  responsible and impactful ventures and schemes. It’s envisioned that the fund will realize innovative and optimal usage of African diaspora resources for inclusive  development in Africa and within the diaspora. 

Africa Investors Hub  expedites the accretion of small to large financial
investments from diaspora into Africa Investors Hub managed projects through various investments instruments. Therefore this will give every  African an opportunity to participate in and ultimately hold ownership
and control of African assets. 

The Trade and Investment sectors have good traction and return on investment. We encourage the continent’s Diaspora market to invest in  entrepreneurs productive initiatives and established companies in order  to develop their countries of origin.

Please email to info@investorshub.co.zw


Our robust global network of entrepreneurs and brands brings us a strong flow of investment opportunities for capital facilities.

High-growth brands reach out to us for investor relations,advisory, capital, introductions and more across various verticals and growth stages.  

Our objectives at Africa Investors Hub are –

the entrepreneur

Undertaking research and facilitating strategic planning for development organisations seeking to catalyse growth in entrepreneurship.
Connecting Investors and entrepreneurs for business in order to improve access to capital for businesses that are ready to scale up.

the service

Offering a range of services, from fundraising preparation through to deal closure as well as providing technical advice while taking a significant workload off your hands to ensure you deliver on your primary role of running your business. Coaching innovative startups as well as support their strategic planning and capital raising activities be it helping start-ups to raise grant funding from donors or convertible debt finance from the angel investors. 

the investor

Helping companies think about their capital requirements strategically and to raise the capital quicker, on the best terms available, with the most appropriate structure, and from investors best matched to them. Advising investors and providing portfolio management support.

Noel Mavura-Founder

CEO | Innovation Fanatic । Serial Entrepreneur । SME Expert । Fintech Africa । Business Facilitator I Property Developer | Passionate about Entrepreneurship Building । Investment Facilitation । Economic Empowerment । Sustainable & Inclusive Growth |Connecting Entrepreneurs to Capital |Investors Network|Business and investment advisor.

Neil Garden

Chief Business Consultant Partner


  • Semi-retired widely experienced African project and economic development management consultant.
  • Since 1964, lived in 7 countries and worked in 10 countries in the SADC & COMESA regions.
  • Past 20 years consulting mainly in major economic development areas of infrastructure, mining, raw mineral beneficiation, as well as recycling projects.
  • Worked with international agencies (DBSA, EU, EIB, USAID, DFID etc.) undertaking regional economic development project work.
  • Presented many development ideas and findings to Presidents and senior Government Ministers as well as regional SADC & COMESA & NEPAD organisations.
  • Have since 1978, served on 34 boards of various companies as well as Parastatal organisations in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Mauritius, and Netherlands and still serve on some boards..
  • Founder member and President of the Chamber of Mines in Malawi from 2000 to 2005 and assisted in MIASA development in SADC.
  • Held numerous senior management positions over past 35 years in the Project Management, Construction, Mining, Construction and Allied Equipment, as well as Economic Development in 10 countries in Africa


Investment decks

EXPLORE OUR DECKS Download our PDF decks to learn more about our investor network, and global investor relations solutions for entrepreneurs along with our mission to change the world by funding innovative brands.

BeBlocky is a gamified learning app that teaches children the basics of computer science in a fun and interactive way

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500+ merchants have used GladePay to process over USD $3m of payments within a year of launch.
Selected for The Baobab Network’s technology accelerator, receiving USD $25k in funding.
Signed contracts with two of the three largest airlines in Nigeria to process payments on their websites and apps.
Raising a USD $1.4m Seed Round in December 2019
Scale the team to 25 full time employees with up to 18 months’ runway.
Obtain a Banking License and Super Agent License in Nigeria, to roll out banking and agent banking services.
Reach 12,000+ MSMEs and hit USD $6.5m+ monthly transaction volume

DOWNLOAD – GladePay  Document

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Pesos Investments trading as Africa Investors Hub is a Private limited company
with its registered office in Harare Zimbabwe

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602 6th Floor Regal star House 25 George Silundika Avenue,Harare Zimbabwe
Mobile: +26773 839 985
Email: info@investorshub.co.zw

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