‘Are You Real?’ — Inside an on-line Dating Ripoff

‘Are You Real?’ — Inside an on-line Dating Ripoff

A con man steals one woman’s heart — and $300,000. Here’s exactly how it just happened.

by Doug Shadel and David Dudley, AARP | Comments: 0

Picture by Gregg Segal

He had been the solution to her prayers. Before she knew it, her cost savings were gone. As well as the guy of her fantasies? He may not really exist.

*Names have now been changed to guard identities

She published him first.

A message that is short for a Thursday night during the early December 2013, under the subject line: Match?

You had been listed being a 100% Match! i will be maybe not certain exactly what a 100% match means … First, would you want to consider me personally. Check my profile. (more…)

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