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Idea Validation

Is your new startup idea worth pursuing? Let us take it through our battle-tested process to get insights from experts, customers, and available research to see if it’s worth building.

Form a Startup

From assembling your team, to incorporating the business, there are a ton of moving parts to forming a startup. We’ll show you what you need to prioritize so you can start off on the right foot.

Business Planning

Every great business starts with a great business plan. But creating a roadmap for your startup doesn’t have to be an 80-page snooze-fest. We’re breaking down each component to show you how to knock this out of the park.

Product Development

How do you bring a new product to market? Get a crash course on how to navigate the entire product journey and avoid getting lost on the path to commercialization.

Customer Acquisition

How do you find your first customers? Let us show you the fastest way to identify and locate raving fans while using test methods to refine your message and expand customer acquisition.

Culture Creation

Building a kickass company culture takes more than putting a ping pong table in the lobby. Learn how to create a work environment nurtures productivity and gets your team fired up to come into the office.

Find Funding

How do startups actually get funded? We’ll take you through everything you could possibly want to know, from what funding options are available, to finding investors, and crafting the perfect pitch.

Startup Finance

Don’t know the first thing about finance? No problem. We’re demystifying the process so you can set up your first income statement and manage your finances in Year 1 and beyond.

Neil Patel, Customer Acquisition Guru

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Learn from the masters – Steve Blank, the godfather of Entrepreneurship, Neil Patel, the most recognized marketer today, or Matt Mullenweg, the Founder of hypergrowth startup WordPress. Detailed questions and answers from dozens of the smartest startup experts in the game.